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Our Mission:

Procurement is key for a profitable business. Buying better has more impact on your bottomline than getting new clients. Large corporations recognized this, implementing better buying processes and e-negotiation with suppliers. This has huge benefits:

  • Better deals: An auction gets you a different attitude from suppliers when they are confronted with the fact that competitors are willing to fight hard for your business.
  • Efficiency: You can achieve a better deal in an 2 hour electronic auction, than in two weeks of meetings.
  • Supplier confidence:: Real Time auctions provides suppliers a leveled playing field, boosting their confidence and allowing you to maintain a "fair play" attitude even when they loose the deal.
  • Transparency: Electronic auctions provide a way for procurement officials to prove their impartiality to their internal and external stakeholders.

The uniTender mission is to broaden to all Enterprises the same negotiation tools that Large Corporations have, with affordable, high-tech real time reverse auctions.
Our Approach:

Technology: Based on our own R&D, we made sure our technology minimizes infra-structure costs, allowing affordable auction prices.

Efficiency: We have a lean cost structure focused on the quality of our technology. This allows us to offer affordable prices to all enterprises.

Safety: You have complete control over competitor disclosure, allowing full configuration of auction transparency, preventing competitor foul play.

Simple: This is the key for a dynamic negociation. Our platform is intuitive, allowing unexperienced participants to have a confident and active role.

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