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unitender Technology
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We develop our own software, aiming an affordable, easy to use and efficient platform
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uniTender Auction Technology:

uniTender uses a standards based approach. This means that we only use technologies that are proven, scalable and with widespread know-how, like Java, Ajax, SQL, PHP and DHTML.
However, an auction is a demanding client-server application, and requires a lot of R&D effort to be efficient when implemented with just standard technologies. This is our Approach: We favor Capex over running costs Opex, in order to be able to offer affordable auctions, so we put a lot of effort in developing just in these technologies.

uniTender uses a cluster arquitecture, based on multiple auction servers and databases. A central server configures the auction in one of the auction servers, choosing it accordingly to its calenderized load. All servers are open-source based, so that their TCO enables affordable auctions.

Development of e-auction platforms based only on standard techologies requires a lot of investment, but it also rewards our clients with important features: Simplicity, Low Technological Risk, Safety and Efficiency.

Simple: This is the key for a dynamic negociation. uT e-Auction platform is intuitive and interactive, allowing newly invited participants to have a confident and active role in the negociation.
Technology: Based on our own R&D, we made sure our uT technology minimizes infra-structure costs, allowing affordable auction prices.
Efficiency: uT e-Auction platform has a lean cost structure focused on the quality of our technology. This allows us to offer affordable prices to all enterprises.
Safety: uT e-Auction platform provided you complete control over competitor disclosure, allowing full configuration of auction transparency, preventing competitor foul-play.

The uniTender mission is to broaden to all Enterprises the same negotiation tools that Large Corporations have, with affordable, high-tech real time reverse auctions.

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