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uniTender Features:

Feature Description
Real-time Fast Interface uniTender action interface reacts to all participants in real-time. All interactions with the platform are fast responsive and ensure a truly dynamic negotiation.
uniTender ensures its aution interface has less than 1 second refresh time, whatever your location or connection characteristics.
Multi-User You may have several account users for a single account. This enables your organization to have all of your Purchase Department employees using our services.
Document Exchange Our system provides a secure document exchange system to upload, store and timestamp any type of document.
This feature provides you a tool for exchanging RFP, RFI or RFQ information.
Multi-language Interface With uniTender, any participant may customize the language of its own interface, within available languages.
Live Chat with Participants During auctions, a live chat one-to-many system is provided, enabling the auction manager to broadcast live messages to all participants, or to chat with a specific participant.
Unlimited Auction Duration uniTender does not limit auction duration. If you wish it may take days, or even weeks, before the auction closes.
Auto-time Extension The Auto-time extension feature (free and recommended) ensures that the aution end is extended whenever a new best bid is placed by a participant.
Customizable Timezones and Currencies uniTender may be used with any timezone reference or currency.
Auto-invitation uniTender manages all event invitations and confirmations for you. If you wish you may override the automatic invitation system.
Global Value or Multi-Winner Auctions uniTender may be used to auction several lots at the same time, or to ensure the best global combination of lots, giving you the flexibility to engage different business models.
Complete Control over Participant Visibility With uniTender you have complete control over the level of information each participant has.
From completely blind auctions, to fully transparent auctions, several information disclosure configuration levels are available.
Free Test Auctions uniTender automaticaly configures a test auction each time you create an auction.
The test auction is a replica of the real auction, but opens immediatly, so that inexperienced participants may familiarize themselves with uniTender's interface.

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