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uniTender Services
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We provide an affordable and advanced reverse auction platform, making it possible for all companies to use the same negotiation tools that large corporations have.

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uniTender Services:

Free Consultancy and Support:
uniTender helps you understand your business case in order to maximize results.
With an extensive knowledge base of successful applications for reverse auctions, uniTender has the ability to make your negotiation a success.

One-off reverse auctions:
With uniTender you do not need to commit to a software purchase or long-term contracts, since one-off subscription plans are available.
Furthermore, the uniTender professional auction platform is the most competitive on the market.
No risk registration enables you to test our platform with full featured demo auctions.

Uunlimited plans:
uniTender offers unlimited usage subscription plans.
With these plans you may organize as many auctions as you want, for a monthly fee. This way you don't have do worry because the negotiation benefits surpass the cost of the auction.

Formula Based Auctions:
uniTender will launch Formula Based Auctions next December.
This innovative auction model will allow auction managers to implement auctions with customized bidding models, where bidders may bid not just for price but also other criteria specified by the auction manager (for example: delivery time, warranty duration, specifications, etc).

Simple: This is the key for a dynamic negociation. uT e-Auction platform is intuitive and interactive, allowing newly invited participants to have a confident and active role in the negociation.
Technology: Based on our own R&D, we made sure our uT technology minimizes infra-structure costs, allowing affordable auction prices.
Efficiency: uT e-Auction platform has a lean cost structure focused on the quality of our technology. This allows us to offer affordable prices to all enterprises.
Safety: uT e-Auction platform provided you complete control over competitor disclosure, allowing full configuration of auction transparency, preventing competitor foul-play.

uniTender's mission is to broaden to all Enterprises the same negotiation tools that Large Corporations have, with affordable, high-tech real time reverse auctions.

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