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uniTender is a fast growing company with strong investment that resulted from a proven concept of value services
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(2008) Foundations:
The uniTender concept arised from the founders experience with public sector e-procurement platforms, working with public sector suppliers organizations. These platforms yield excelent results, but most of the processes are fit to the public sector burocratic model.
CapIncome, one of the promoters of uniTender, provides consultancy to other organizations. Within the consultancy areas of CapIncome, procurement consultancy is a key area. Soon it became obvious that e-procurement platforms were not adapted to private company needs.
The need to implement a customized and simple procurement platform was the trigger to the beta development of uniTender. Its wide acceptance by clients was the driver for uniTender becoming an independent company with its own business model.

(2008-2010) Company Background:
The uniTender platform was developed together with specific clients, to ensure its fit with company needs.
During this period, uniTender was commercialized as a tool for consultancy companies to use with their clients.
This background leveraged uniTender's knowledge base and experience on this market, leading to an well fitted platform for private company needs.

(2011) Open model startup:
uniTender's success within selected clients drove us to implement a Software as a Service Platform using the same model.
For this, we launched a Free Internet teaser with huge success within private companies worldwide.
For more that a year uniTender offered a Reverse Auction Platform for private companies to use with no fees charged to customers.

(2012) Current operating model:
uniTender reached Product Maturity in early 2012, lauching its commercial offer.
With great focus on product quality and customer support, uniTender levereges its extensive knowledge base of use cases to help clients find the best model to e-procurement.
uniTender aims to have 2% global market penetration, within the private sector, before 2019.

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