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Partner and Reseller Programs
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If your business is procurement, we have a growth model for you to leverage your business.
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uniTender Partnership Programs:

uniTender promotes several models of partnership programs, depending on your profile, business goals and geography.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you feel your goals fit with our partnership models.

Affiliate Program
uniTender's Affiliate program aims individuals that work in procurement related sectors where reverse auction opportunity arise frequently.
For Affiliates uniTender offers the tools to monetize such opportunities.
Affiliate Client's also benefit from discounts on uniTender's pricing.
Contact us for more information.

Reseller Program
uniTender offers custom branded platforms for resellers to use with their own clients.
The reseller platform is based on the Private Platform offer, but with diferent pricing. (see Pricing Plans for details.)
Using uniTender's platform to resell our services with your own brand is a great business opportunity.
All you have to do is to get your own customers, coach them, and manage them, and you have your own business without worrying with the technology. Contact us for more information.

Business Partner Program
The business partner model is very attractive.
It includes certification and representation of our brand.
The certified business partner may have access to exclusive representation on some territories and leads to work, provided mutual business is leveraged.
Contact us for more information.

At uniTender we believe that partnerships must be based on real business, with an huge amount of created value transferred to our partners. If you know our business, do not hesitate, contact us!

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