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unitender code of conduct and ethics
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We see Ethics as a primary driver for negotiation success

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uniTender Code of Ethics, Practise and Conduct:

We go a long way to earn your confidence on our services.
uniTender shall not use any client information to promote its own services, unless prior consent is given to us.

We are commited to provide full disclosure of relevant information.
This aplies to our business practises, with no hidden fees or commitments, but also to client and participant processes.

Equal Opportunity
uniTender believes on its equal opportunities policy.
From job recruitment to ensuring a leveled playing field for all participants, we believe best results are guaranteed if no one tries to tweak them.

Information Safety
Client owned information is handled by us everyday.
We believe securing your information is a very important mission, and we keep this in mind in every step we make in our platform.
uniTender information safety internal processes are implemented taking into consideration the ISO 27001 Regulations.

Social Responsability
uniTender aims to give back to the community.
Our Employees, Fiscal Authorities, Investors and other Stakeholders have our guarantee on implementing responsible business ethics.

uniTender is a low footprint company.
We are a Paper free company that also invests on equipment that enables a low impact on power consumption and conformity on residual handling.
uniTender practises on Envirnment management abide by the ISO 14001 Regulations.

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