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Data Protection
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Data Protection Approach:

Password Protection
uniTender's login mechanism ensure that non encripted passwords are never transmited or archived.
When you login the password is encrypted in your own device, and then transmited through the Internet. This means that even we do not know your password.
To protect against encripted password sniffing through the Internet, the encription method is randomly changed everytime you login.

Data & Documents Protection:
Client's data and documents, stored at our platform are protected from unauthorized access using top grade firewalls and servers.
All our servers uses standard software. This means that thousands of applications use the same produts, ensuring that vulnerabilities are quickly known and swiftly corrected.

Credit Card Transactions and Storage:
uniTender does not store complete credit card information online.
We do store partial information about your credit card online (3 last digits and expiration date) to help you identify wich card to reuse.
The rest of the credit card information is stored on an offline database to prevent unauthorized access.
All credit card transactions are performed offline.

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