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Negotiate with suppliers using online reverse auctions

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» What is a reverse auction ?

uniTender Benefits:

  • Huge savings
    save up to 40% when you auction your suppliers

  • Less negotiation effort
    achieve optimal results in a 2 hour negotiation

  • Use your own suppliers
    uniTender is not a marketplace, you invite your own suppliers

  • Self-service easy setup
    setup your e-negotiation in less than 5 minutes

  • Affordable
    uniTender services are the most competitive in the market

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What others are saying:

Our Approach:

Technology: Based on our own R&D, we made sure our technology minimizes infra-structure costs, allowing affordable auction prices.

Efficiency: We have a lean cost structure focused on the quality of our technology. This allows us to offer affordable prices to all enterprises.

Safety: You have complete control over competitor disclosure, allowing full configuration of auction transparency, preventing competitor foul play.

Simple: This is the key for a dynamic negociation. Our platform is intuitive, allowing unexperienced participants to have a confident and active role.
Case Studies:

Office supplies
Office supplies are a great application for reverse auctions: lot's of potential suppliers and lots of brands. This law firm was ordering supplies on a stock management basis, and the small orders it placed wouldn't allow much negotiation power. After estimating the total yearly needs... more...

Office computer desktops and laptops
Total cost of ownership is what has to be negotiated, and this was what the client decided it should be the bidding base for renewal of its office computer desktops and laptops. The RFP was based on a 3 year contract (renting), including computer maintenance. The initial offers... more...

Car fleet renting
Car fleet is a strategic contract for an express delivery operation. Brand doesn't matter, all it matters is contract duration and conditions (mileage, parts and replacement cars). After all the initial bids were clarified and negotiated, an excellent value of 82.000 EUR/year for 20 vans... more...

Turnkey industrial maintenance
Turnkey maintenance on a industrial envirnment is a extremely complex tender, because numerous responsability boundaries must be defined, and usually the contractor takes on workforce responsabilities in their contract. After months of RFP adjustments... more...

Other e-Reverse Auction Applications:

  • Telecom services
    telecom services have huve savings potential more...

  • Construction contract
    one of the more usual applications for reverse auctions more...

  • Beverages for vending machines
    an unexpected but very profitable application more...

  • Electricity costs
    hard to imagine ? look again more...

  • Boat freight
    freight is a commodity, price is the only relevant decision factor more...

  • Call center outsourcing contract
    even though task based pricing, a total estimate is auctionable more...

  • Security services
    a commodity service, take advantadge of pricing focus more...

  • Banking comissions
    and you thought banks wouldn't budge more...

  • Travel services
    let's just sat that you will go much further more...

uniTender's mission is to broaden to all Enterprises the same negotiation tools that Large Corporations have, with affordable, high-tech real time reverse auctions.

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